Coming Soon

Here is a sample of the upcoming, cutting-edge content to be featured in Pediatric Nursing.

November/December 2017

  • “Feasibility and Efficacy of a Student-Nurse – Delivered, Parent-Based Sexual Health Curriculum in Undeserved Communities: A Pilot Randomized-Controlled Trial” by Diane Santa Maria
  • “Transitioning to Adult Healthcare System: Barriers and Opportunities for Youth with Spina Bifida” by Amanda Squiers
  • “Practical Considerations And Current Best Practice for Pediatric Clean Intermittent Catheterization” by Nan E. Tobias
  • “Mothers’ Parenting Responsibility After Divorce” by Leesa McBroom
  • “Nurses Education to Support School Reentry for Children with Cancer” by Rachel Libman

January/February 2018

  • “Telepresence Robots for Pediatric Clinical Simulations: Feasibility and Acceptability” by Ryan Shaw
  • “Reducing Uncertainty in Families Dealing with Childhood Cancers: Parental Knowledge and Attitudes” by Brigitte Vittrup
  • “Caregivers’ Perception of Asthma Control in Children” by Latonda S. Paymon
  • “The Experience of Compassion in School-Age Siblings of Children with a Traumatic Injury” by Mary Jo Bugelm
  • Please note that all issue line-ups are to be considered tentative and can change at the discretion of the publisher.