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Volume 33, Number 1
January/February 2007


Continuing Nursing Education
A Selection of Adolescent Issues

Problem Behaviors in Adolescents
Robin Bartlett, Diane Holditch-Davis, and Michael Belyea

Parenting Styles and Treatment of Adolescents with Obesity
Susann Regber, Kristina Berg-Kelly, and Staffan Marild

Evaluation of a PNP Care Coordinator Model for Hospitalized Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults with Cystic Fibrosis
Kathy Rideout

Continuing Nursing Education Series Posttest

Asthma Care of Children in Clinical Practice: Do Parents Report Receiving Appropriate Education?
Ann McMullen, H. Lorrie Yoos, Elizabeth Anson, Harriett Kitzmann, Jill S. Halterman, and Kimberly Sidora Arcoleo

Down on the Farm: Preventing Farm Accidents in Children
Alice E. Conway, Amy J. McClune, and Patricia Nosel


Family Matters
The Many Roles of Family Members in “Family-Centered Care” – Part II
Deborah Dokken, Roslyn Simms, E. Sessions Cole, and Elizabeth Ahmann

Historical Perspectives in Pediatric Nursing
Young Patients in a Young Nation: Scarlet Fever in Early Nineteenth Century Rural New England
Regina Radikas and Cindy Connolly

Critical Thinking in Critical Care
Complications of Diabetes Insipidus: The Significance of Headache
Mary Jane Hudson

Practice Applications of Research
Enhancing Self-Management in Children With Sickle Cell Disease Through Playing a CD-ROM Educational Game: A Pilot Study
Saunjoo L. Yoon and Angela Godwin

Primary Care Approaches
Prescribing Medications in Pediatrics: Concerns Regarding FDA Approval and Pharmacokinetics
Emily Novak and Patricia Jackson Allen

Pediatric Ethics, Issues & Commentary
All Alone in the World: Children of the Incarcerated
Deborah Volat

Updates & Kidbits
What’s New With Flu: Understanding Influenza
Janice Selekman

Editors’ Choice
Grandparenting: A Review of Two Guides
Elizabeth Ahmann

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