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Volume 33, Number 2
March/April 2007


Continuing Nursing Education
Selected Issues Concerning School-Age Children and Teens

Leisure Time Activities and Obesity in School-Aged Inner City African American and Hispanic Children
Anne Hall Brandes

Satisfaction with a School-Based Teen Health Center: A Report Card on Care
Ramona Benkert, Nancy George, Clare Tanner, Violet H. Barkauskas, Joanne M. Pohl, and Ann Marszalek

Shared Decision Making in School-Age Children with Asthma
Arlene M. Butz, Jennifer M. Walker, Margaret Pulsifer, and Marilyn Winkelstein

Continuing Nursing Education Series Posttest

The Bindler-Ball Healthcare Model: A New Paradigm for Health Promotion
Ruth C. Bindler and Jane W. Ball

Development of the Child Health Indicator Assessment (CHIA) in a Community-Based Nurse-Managed Center
Kristen Sligar, Molly Savitz, Naomi A. Shapiro, Abbey Alkon, Helen Martin, and Janice Humphreys


Pediatric Management Problems
Stomach Pain
Linda Gibson, Shehzad A. Saeed, and Anne Turner-Henson

Primary Care Approaches
Diet and Child Behavior Problems: Fact or Fiction?
Eileen Cormier and Jennifer Harrison Elder

Family Matters
The Many Roles of Families in Family-Centered Care: Part III
Lawrie Williams

Evidence-Based Practice
Prevention and Early Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Young Children: A Critical Review and Appraisal of the Evidence
Leigh Small, Deborah Anderson, and Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk

Practice Applications of Research
Pediatric Health Care Providers’ Self-Reported Practices in Recognizing and Treating Maternal Depression
Cynthia D. Connelly, Mary J. Baker, Andrea L. Hazen, and Mary G. Mueggenborg

Pediatric Ethics, Issues, & Commentary
The Ashley Treatment: Two Viewpoints
Sarah E. Shannon and Teresa A. Savage

Environmental Health Hot Topics
Environmental Exposure Assessment, Pollution Sources, and Exposure Agents: A Primer for Pediatric Nursing Professionals
Derek G. Shendell and Ann Pike-Paris

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