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Volume 33, Number 2
March/April 2007

Continuing Nursing Education
Leisure Time Activities and Obesity in School-Aged Inner City African American and Hispanic Children
Anne Hall Brandes

This descriptive-correlational study investigated three research questions: (a) What are the leisure time activities (LTA) of school-aged African American and Hispanic boys and girls?, (b) What are their body mass index (BMI) distributions?, and (c) What relationships exist between total activity scores of LTA and BMI in the total sample of children, and for boys and girls analyzed separately? The convenience sample consisted of 78 children, aged 9 to 14, who were in the fifth to seventh grades of two elementary schools. Children responded to a modified version of the Know Your Body Health Habits Survey to assess LTA; BMI was calculated based on child height and weight. Results indicated that the LTAs of this group of African American and Hispanic children and their distribution of BMIs were similar to those of White children, and that no appreciable relationships existed between LTAs and BMI in the sample as a whole or boys and girls analyzed separately.