Current Content
Volume 33, Number 2
March/April 2007

The Bindler-Ball Healthcare Model: A New Paradigm for Health Promotion
Ruth C. Bindler and Jane W. Ball

Nursing of children requires integration of components from many knowledge areas, and nurses must consistently plan and carry out interventions to promote health and prevent disease and injury for children and adolescents. A new healthcare model is applied to child health nursing within all healthcare contexts, from acute care settings to chronic care services to well child focused care. Health promotion and health maintenance are defined and explored, along with application of these concepts in major types of care along the healthcare continuum. The influences of family, culture, and community are viewed as integral to health promotion strategies. The nurse plans for health promotion and health maintenance activities during all acute, chronic, and end-of-life care for youth. The healthcare model is a new and creative method in which to frame healthcare for children.