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Volume 33, Number 3
May/June 2007


Continuing Nursing Education

Parent Bed Spaces in the PICU: Effect on Parental Stress
Andrea B. Smith, Glenda C. Hefley, and K.J.S. Anand

Pilot Study of Low-Income Parents' Perspectives of Managing Asthma in High-Risk Infants and Toddlers
Karel Koenig

Continuing Nursing Education Series Posttest

Anesthesia Services Outside of the Operating Room
Kendall Adams, Natalie Pennock, Becky Phelps, Wendy Rose, and Matthew Peters

Camp Nursing: Rewards and Challenges
Lisa Broussard and Julie Meaux


Pediatric Management Problems
Fever and Soar Throat in a 16-Year-Old Female
Tina Simpson

Primary Care Approaches
A Primary Care Approach to Functional Abdominal Pain
Jennifer Scholl and Patricia Jackson Allen

Family Matters
The Many Roles of Family in “Family-Centered Care” - Part IV
Michele Landis

Pediatric Ethics, Issues & Commentary
Politically-Motivated Torture and Child Survivors
Crystal Green

Historical Perspectives in Pediatrics
Review Essay: The Troubled Dream of Genetic Medicine
Lisa Stern Slifka

Updates & Kidbits
HIV Disease in Children 25 Years Later
Lisa Ann Plowfield

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