Current Content
Volume 33, Number 6
November/December 2007

Implementation of a Nursing Professional Practice Model of
Care in a Pediatric Hospital
Jodi E. Mullen and Lucinda M. Asher

Professional nursing practice models provide a theoretical and conceptual framework that nurses can use as a foundation for practice. The utilization of a practice model helps establish professional identity and improves quality outcomes. A freestanding children’s hospital sought to identify and adopt a professional practice model to optimize outcomes for patients and families, the nursing staff, and the organization. Once a model was selected, two subgroups formed and focused on revising job descriptions and educating the nursing staff. Various strategies were used to implement the model and sustain the culture change. Examples include providing periodic education, incorporating the model into nursing procedures, and assisting nurses in using the model at the bedside. The model of care has been successfully implemented in both the inpatient and outpatient areas of this pediatric hospital.