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Volume 33, Number 5
September/October 2007


Continuing Nursing Education
Professional/Clinical Writing

Citation Analysis of the Maternal/Child Nursing Literature
Marilyn H. Oermann, Darlene A. Blair, Kathleen Kowalewski,
Nancy A. Wilmes, and  Cheryl K. Nordstrom

Abbreviations and Acronyms in Healthcare:
When Shorter Isn’t Sweeter

Ivy Fenton Kuhn

Continuing Nursing Education Series Posttest

Continuing Nursing Education

Adverse Effects of Pediatric Emergency Sedation After Discharge
Lisa M. Steurer and Janet Luhmann

Stress and Coping Responses to Proficiency Testing
In School-Age Children

Theresa Skybo and Jacalyn Buck

Parenting Children Under Three Years of Age
In a South Indian Setting

Shibi Thomas, Chellarani Vijayakumar, Rajeshwari Siva, and Rita Isaac


Family Matters
The Many Roles of Families in Family-Centered Care – Part VI
Caryl G. Siems

Pediatric Management Problems
She Passed Out Again
Jean B. Ivey and Richard D. Brown

Critical Care in Critical Thinking
How Low Can You Go?
Elizabeth C. Suddaby

Primary Care Approaches
The Role of Pediatric Primary Care Providers in Parental Smoking
Cessation: Assessing and Motivating Parents to Quit
Kerry Rose Stephenson and Patricia Jackson Allen

Pediatric Ethics, Issues & Commentary
Financial Analysis of Acetaminophen Suicide in a Teen Girl
Michael Ferris, Matthew Hasket, Stephanie Pilkington,
and Marty Williams

Historical Perspectives in Pediatrics
Foot Soldiers Against Infectious Diseases: Nurses, Families,
and Immunization in the Twentieth Century
James Colgrove

Updates & Kidbits
Homosexuality in Children and/or Their Parents
Janice Selekman

The Gift of Life: A Nursing Grand Rounds Presentation
On Organ and Tissue Donations
Marilyn Moonan, Kirsten Fowler, Camilla Cook, Herminia Shermont,
Deborah Powers, and Joanne O’Sullivan

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