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Volume 34, Number 1
January/February 2008


Continuing Nursing Education
Issues in Adolescence

A Computerized Smoking Cessation Intervention
For High School Smokers

Deborah J. Fritz, Sally B. Hardin, Paul A. Gore, Jr., and Douglas Bram

Protecting Youth from Early and Abusive Sexual Experiences
Lynn Rew and Katherine Bowman

Continuing Nursing Education Series Posttest

Continuing Nursing Education

Creation of a Registered Nurse-Administered Nitrous Oxide
Sedation Program for Radiology and Beyond

Mary Kay Farrell, Gloria J. Drake, Denise Rucker, Marsha Finkelstein,
and Judith L. Zier

Continuing Nursing Education Series Posttest

Predicting School-Age Behavior Problems:
The Role of Early Childhood Risk Factors

Tracy Magee and Sister Callista Roy

Intensity, Location, and Quality of Pain in Spanish-Speaking
Children with Cancer

Eufemia Jacob, Kathy S. McCarthy, Gennaro Sambuco,
and Marilyn Hockenberry

Parents’ Perceptions of the Quality of Pediatric and Perinatal
End-of-Life Care

Kimberley Widger and Caroline Picot


Pediatric Management Problems
Neonate with Gastrointestinal Issues
Janice Vincent

Critical Thinking in Critical Care
Hyperglycemia and Hyperthermia: What’s the Connection?
Jean Christopher and Christine Perebzak

Primary Care Approaches
Community-Associated MRSA in the Pediatric Primary Care Setting
June Hinckley and Patricia Jackson Allen

Practice Applications of Research
Embracing Changes: Adaptation by Adolescents with Cancer
Sasha Kareema Ramini, Richard Brown, and Ellen B. Buckner

Family Matters
New Year’s Resolution for Family-Centered Care!
Elizabeth Ahmann and Deborah Dokken

Items of Interest
Preparation of a Picture Book to Support Parents and Autonomy
In Preschool Children Facing Day Surgery
Satomi Ono, Ikuko Oikawa, Yuko Hirabayashi, and Yukiko Manabe

Updates & Kidbits
Homosexuality in Children and/or Their Parents
Janice Selekman

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