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Volume 34, Number 4
July/August 2008

Continuing Nursing Education
Does Your Facility Have a Pediatric Sedation Team? If Not, Why Not?
Carrie L. Davis

Children’s hospitals across the country should consider the formation of pediatric sedation teams (PSTs) for both in-patient and outpatient pediatric procedures. As specialization increases and parents become more in-tune to available options, teams that focus on the alleviation of pain and providing a more pleasant procedural experience will become increasingly important to parents when choosing a facility. Regarding facility benefits, PSTs can assist to improve both patient and parent satisfaction, and allow for the relocation of procedures to ambulatory care settings or alternative pediatric inpatient suites. PSTs can also  improve cost effectiveness when sedation is involved by decreasing the overall length of stay in procedure rooms and recovery areas, decreasing complications related to less experienced providers of pediatric sedation, and also decreasing incomplete procedure rates. Parents can be attracted by such specialized teams, viewing them as a sign of organizational excellence in the care of children’s health.