Current Content
Volume 34, Number 2
March/April 2008


Continuing Nursing Education
International Issues

The Network for Nursing in Child Health
Lynda Harrison, Gloria Montenegro, Silvina Malvares, Minerva Astudillo,
Veronica Behn, Maria Rita Bertolozzi, Anna Maria Chiesa, Maritza Espinoza, Elizabeth Fujimori, Doreen Harper, Alda Orellana, Karen Saenz,
Cecília H. S. Sigaud, and Maria de La Ó Ramallo Veríssimo

Perceptions of Children with HIV/AIDS from the USA
and Kenya: Self-Concept and Emotional Indicators

Sylvia M. Waweru, Annette Reynolds, and Ellen B. Buckner

Breastfeeding Preterm Infants: An Educational Program
To Support Mothers of Preterm Infants in Cairo, Egypt

Azza H. Ahmed

Self-Care Behaviors of School-Age Children
With Heart Disease

Ling Fan

Continuing Nursing Education Series Posttest

Eliciting Accurate Reports of Adherence in a Clinical Interview: Development of the Medical Adherence Measure
Nataliya Zelikovsky and Aileen P.  Schast


Pediatric Management Problems
Rash in a 15-Year-Old Female
Tina Simpson

Primary Care Approaches
Employment Characteristics and Role Functions
Of Recent PNP Graduates
Patricia Jackson Allen, Kristopher P.  Fennie, and
Meredith K. Jalkut

Practice Applications of Research
Normalizing Risky Sexual Behaviors: A Grounded Theory Study
Josie A. Weiss, Michelle L. Jampol, Jennifer A. Lievano,
Sandra M. Smith, and Joan L. Wurster

Family Matters
Assisting Adoptive Families: Children Adopted at Older Ages
Ellen Singer and Madeleine Krebs

Evidence-Based Practice
Over-the-Counter Cough and Cold Medication Use
In Young Children
Teresa Ryan, Melanie Brewer, and Leigh Small

Spotlight on Excellence
HPediatric Nursing Salutes Exemplary Nurse Editor
Annette Flanagin

Anita Catlin

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