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Volume 34, Number 5
September/October 2008


Quality Assessment of Pediatric Oncology Nursing Care in a Central American Country: Findings, Recommendations, and Preliminary Outcomes

Sara W. Day, Paula M. Dycus, Elisabeth A. Chismark, and Leslie McKeon

Continuing Nursing Education

Adolescent Stress through the Eyes of High-Risk Teens
Denise E. LaRue and Judith W. Herrman

Obesity and Blood Pressure Trends in Rural
Adolescents over a Decade

Marsha Howell Adams, Tracy M. Carter, Carol Ann
Barnett Lammon, Alesa Hicks Judd, James Leeper, and John R. Wheat

Overweight in Latino/Hispanic Adolescents: Scope of the Problem and Nursing Implications
Susan Harrington

Continuing Nursing Education Series Posttest

Neonatal Heart Rate Variability and Intraventricular Hemorrhage: A Case Study
Charlene A. Krueger, Elizabeth A. Gyland, and Douglas W. Theriaque


From the Editor
Met the 2008-2009 Pediatric Nursing Leadership Fellows
Veronica D. Feeg

Evidence-Based Practice
Does Family Involvement and Psychosocial Support Influence
Coping in Teenage Patients Who Have Congenital Heart Disease?
Monica H. Brown, Leigh Small, and Nofizwe N. Palmer

Pediatric Ethics, Issues, & Commentary
Medicine vs. Prayer: The Case of Kara Neumann
Dónal P.  O’Mathúna and Kellie Lang

Primary Care Approaches
Integrating Lactation Consultants into Primary Health Care Services: Are Lactation Consultants Affecting Breastfeeding Success?
Sara Elizabeth Thurman and Patricia Jackson Allen

Pediatric Management Problems
Ten-Year-Old with Irritability and Temper Tantrums
Anthony J. Roberson

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Legislative and Policy Update
The New Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine: Pros and Cons for Pediatric and Adolescent Health
Tami L. Thomas

Pediatric Nursing’s 25th Annual Conference
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Family Matters
The Effectiveness of Coaching for Children and Teens with AD/HD
Jodi Sleeper-Triplett

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