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Volume 34, Number 5
September/October 2008

Continuing Nursing Education
Overweight in Latino/ Hispanic Adolescents: Scope of the Problem and Nursing Implications
Susan Harrington

Latino/Hispanic adolescents have the highest prevalence of overweight in this country. Causes of ethnic variation may include differences in the level of acculturation, ethnic beliefs, differences in ideal body images, lack of appreciation of weight management, questionable literacy levels, and/or socioeconomic status. Improved knowledge of behavioral, social-cultural, and environmental determinants of overweight individuals among adolescent Latino/Hispanics will increase the effectiveness and direction of these interventions to prevent and treat this epidemic. Research is needed to determine which interventions may specifically be most effective for preventing this overweight status. This article summarizes variables that have an impact on Latino/Hispanic youth and identifies potential strategies for pediatric nurses to use in addressing this health matter most efficaciously.