Current Content
Volume 35, Number 4
July/August 2009

Continuing Nursing Education
Pediatric Injury Prevention: Methods of Booster Seat Education
Julie K. Philbrook, Andrew W. Kiragu, Joni S. Geppert, Patricia R. Graham, Laura M. Richardson and Robert L. Kriel

Sixty elementary schools in Minneapolis were asked to participate in a study to evaluate the most effective education method to increase booster seat knowledge and use in kindergarten-age children. School personnel selected one of the following interventions: 1) written information, 2) parent education class and a free booster seat, or 3) student education and a free booster seat. Twenty schools participated, with 132 parents completing the telephone interview 3 to 6 months post-survey. Providing instructions to parent groups and teaching children in the classroom, along with providing an incentive booster seat, was shown to increase booster seat use. Providing information only was found to be ineffective. Pediatric and school nurses should focus their injury prevention efforts beyond written materials. Results indicate that presentations for children and their parents, along with incentives, can result in changes in behavior.