Current Content
Volume 35, Number 2
March/April 2009

Impact of Training on Child Care Health Consultant Knowledge and Practice
Angela A. Crowley
Jonna M. Kulikowich

Purpose: To evaluate a pilot training program for 19 nurse child care health consultants, 14 child care directors, and 9 members of community teams, and to assess the effect of the training on nursesí and directorsí perceptions of the health consultant role, nursesí knowledge and practice as health consultants, and child care center policies and practices.
Method: Data were collected at the conclusion of the program to assess participantsí evaluation of the program and the effect of training on directorsí and nursesí perceptions of the health consultantís role. Pre- and post-training data were collected regarding nursesí health consultation knowledge in 13 content areas and practice activities, and the effect of training on child care program health and safety policies and practices.
Findings: Of the 42 participants, 93.5% rated the program as excellent, and many health consultants and directors reported that the training changed their perception of the health consultant role. Positive significant differences were found in health consultant knowledge and scope of practice, as well as some health and safety policies and practices post-training.
Conclusion: These findings support the importance of preparation for the health consultant role and increasing evidence of the positive effect of health consultation on the health and safety of child care programs.