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Volume 35, Number 3
May/June 2009

Continuing Nursing Education
Health-Related Quality of Life In Two Itinerant Samples: Carnival and Migrant Farm Worker Children
Jill F. Kilanowski

The document Healthy People 2010 sets a national health care agenda that includes reducing health disparities and improving quality of life. This study evaluated health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in children aged 2 to 12 years being raised in two itinerant populations: traveling carnival children (n = 33) and migrant farm worker children (n = 48), and compared their outcomes to each other and to findings in published literature. The study sample utilized cluster sampling from outdoor amusement companies (carnivals) and agricultural f a rms who agreed for the researcher to enter their premises and speak with their workers. The PedsQL™ Generic Core Scales, including a child self-report and parent- proxy, measured HRQOL. HRQOL of the itinerant children did not differ from that of a more geographically stable California sample. The carnival children’s mean scores were higher than the migrant farm worker children’s scores on 7 out of 12 subscales, but the diff e rences were not statistically significant.