Current Content
Volume 35, Number 5
September/October 2009


Child-Reported Hospital Fears in 4 to 6-Year-Old Children
Marja Salmela, Sanna Salanterä, and Eeva Aronen

Continuing Nursing Education

Yoga for Children
Laura Santangelo White

Outcomes of a Massage Intervention on Teen Mothers: A Pilot Study
Krista L. Oswalt, Fred J. Biasini, Lynda Law Wilson, and Sylvie Mrug

Evaluation of the Magic Island: Relaxation for Kids© Compact Disc
Myra Martz Huth, Nancy M. Daraiseh, Melissa A. Henson, and Sharon M. McLeod

Continuing Nursing Education Series Posttest

Promoting Children’s Pharmacological Post-Operative Pain Alleviation at Home
Päivi Kankkunen, Katri Vehviläinen-Julkunen, Anna-Maija Pietilä, Anne Korhonen, Sirpa Nyyssönen, Nina-Maarit Lehikoinen, and Hannu Kokki

Continuing Nursing Education Series Posttest


From the Editor
Stigma: Subtle Poison with Underestimated Potency
Veronica D. Feeg

2010 Pediatric Nursing Conference Call for Abstracts

Pediatric Management Problems
Evaluation of a 3-Month-Old Female with Cough
Tina Simpson

Primary Care Approaches
Reducing the Risk of Pesticide Exposure among Children of Agricultural Workers: How Nurse Practitioners Can Address Pesticide Safety In the Primary Care Setting
Sharon Frost Lucas and Patricia Jackson Allen

Family Matters
I Wish You Knew...
Anne Wills and Jeff Wills

Reclaiming the Spirit Within: A Nurse’s Story of Personal Transformation
Marguerite David