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Volume 36 - Number 4
July/August 2010

Seizure Precautions for Pediatric Bedside Nurses
Ellen Thomen Clore

Seizures are a common neurologic disorder of childhood, and many pediatric nurses will care for children with epilepsy during their careers. The term "seizure precautions" is used frequently in nursing practice; however, its definition varies among institutions. Childhood epilepsy has many phenotypes, and while some children require airway clearance and ventilatory support in the event of a seizure, many will not. The bedside equipment for a child with seizures should reflect the patient's symptoms. To that end, an algorithm based on seizure classification and current practice in seizure precautions is presented to aid bedside nurses in safely caring for children with seizures. The algorithm may also be used to assist in educating parents about the safest way to care for their child at home, without sending contradictory messages about different needs for equipment in the hospital and in the home.