Current Content
Volume 36 — Number 6
November/December 2010

Impact of Pediatric Nurses' Uniforms on Perceptions of Nurse Professionalism
Lucia Wocial, Nancy M. Albert, Sondra Fettes, Sara Birch, Kate Howey, Jie Na, Kathleen Trochelman

This study examined the impact of nursing pants uniform color and style on perceptions of professionalism. Pediatric patients 7 to 17 years of age and their adult visitors were surveyed at two midwestern health care centers. Participants viewed eight photographs of the same RN in different uniforms. Adult participants rated each photograph for 10 image traits using a modified nurse image scale= (MNIS). Pediatric participants rated each photograph for five image traits using the nurse image scale for children (NISC). Pediatric participant median sum scores for the eight uniforms were similar, despite clear preferences for boldly printed top and pressed blue or white-pant uniforms (22% each). Adult participant median sum scores were similar for six of the eight uniforms, but two had significantly lower scores (p < 0.001). Pediatric patients' and visitors' uniform preferences are not related to perceptions of professionalism.