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Volume 37 - Number 2
March-April 2011

Baccalaureate Nursing Student Experiences at a Camp for Children With Diabetes: The Impact of a Service-Learning Model
Marjorie A. Vogt, Ruth Chavez, and Barbara Schaffner

Camp nurses deliver health care in a non-traditional setting. Research indicates that camp has a positive impact on campers with diabetes mellitus, but the impact on student nurse knowledge of diabetes care and confidence in the role as a member of the health care team is unknown. This study examined the experiences of student nurses at a summer residential camp for children with diabetes using a service-learning framework. Camp positively increased knowledge of diabetes in the nursing students. Reflective journals identified themes of anxiety, fatigue, responsibility, and increased confidence in the nursing student, while developing empathy for the lifestyle of children with diabetes. Future research on camp nursing is indicated.