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Volume 37 - Number 3
May-June 2011

Breathing Easy: Implementing A Bronchiolitis Protocol
Angela Black, Rita Allen Brennan

In 2005, a protocol for patients with bronchiolitis in the pediatric unit was created, but compliance was less than desired. Therefore, revisions based on staff feedback and current literature were implemented in 2007. A pre- and post-implementation design was used. Descriptive statistics were used to measure the following variables: use of protocol, frequency of suctioning, use of beta2 agonist medication, length of stay, and charges per case. A chart review was used. After implementing the revised protocol, improvement in all areas was demonstrated. Protocol use went from 20% to 68%; suctioning per protocol went from 9% to 66%, beta2-agonist medication use dropped from 70% to 48% (desired change). Financial measures also showed improvement; a decrease in length of stay (2.23 from 3.25 days), and a decrease in charges of $1000/case were demonstrated.