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Volume 37 - Number 5
September-October 2011


Oral Health Care for Hospitalized Children

Jo Young Blevins

Improving Parent Satisfaction by Sharing the Inpatient Daily Plan Of Care: An Evidence Review with Implications for Practice and Research
Diane Comp

Perceptions of School Nurses and Teachers of Fatigue in Children
Margaret A. McCabe

The Growing Burden of Obesity in Thailand: A Review of Current Trends and Policies
Lisa R. Pawloski, Manyat Ruchiwit, and Samatha M. Markham

Topical vs. Systemic Treatments for Acute Otitis Media
Kathy Thornton, Francie Parrish, and Christine Swords

Pediatric Palliative Care: Starting a Hospital-Based Program
Kaye Schmidt


From the Editor
Every Child Deserves a School Nurse

Save the Date!
Pediatric Nursing 28th Annual Conference
July 19-21, 2012
Boston, MA

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Oral Health Care for Hospitalized Children


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The Stories Behind the Stats: NACHRI Quality Transformation Network Reaches Milestone

Primary Care Approaches
Adolescent Sexual Health and Physical Disability In Primary Care