Current Content
Volume 37 - Number 5
September-October 2011

Improving Parent Satisfaction by Sharing The Inpatient Daily Plan of Care: An Evidence Review with Implications For Practice and Research
Diane Comp

The hospitalization of a child is a stressful time for a parent. The uncertainty of diagnosis or prognosis, being away from work and/or home, and possible financial concerns are factors that cause stress. One factor that should not be cause for stress is poor communication with the health care team. Timely and consistent information from patient rounds can minimize this stress factor. This article presents a review and critical appraisal of the evidence found to identify the best practice for communicating to parents who are not present during inpatient rounds. The literature review did not find direct evidence about the use of a structured method versus an unstructured method to share information with parents. However, this article describes the evidence that exists regarding what family members desire during the hospitalization of their child. The review of evidence reveals relationships exist between rounds, communication, and parent/family satisfaction with the hospital stay.