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Volume 38 - Number 1
January - February 2012


The Impact of Maternal Depression on Children with Asthma

Lauren Pak and Patricia Jackson Allen

Life Concerns and Perceptions of Care in Adolescents with Mental Health Care Needs: A Qualitative Study in a School-Based Health Clinic
Pam Gampetro, Elizabeth A. Wojciechowski, and Kim Siarkowski Amer

The Epidemiology of Falls in Hospitalized Children
Ivy Razmus and Donna Davis

Timing of Adiposity Rebound: A Step Toward Preventing Obesity
Wannaporn Boonpleng, Chang Gi Park, and Agatha M. Gallo


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New Year, New Beginnings

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The Impact of Maternal Depression on Children With Asthma

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Demystifying Research: Uncovering Important Information

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Family Matters Implementing Patient- and Family-Centered Care:
Part I - Understanding the Challenges

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