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Volume 38 - Number 3
July - August 2012


Pediatric Palliative Care: Beyond the End of Life

Faith Crozier and Lauren E. Hancock

Adherence in Single-Parent Households in a Long-Term Asthma Clinical Trial
Mary Spicher, Nancy Bollers, Tamara Chinn, Anita Hall, Anne Plunkett, Denise Rodgers, D.A. Sundström, Laura Wilson, and The Childhood Asthma Management Program (CAMP) Research Group

Evaluation of a Coping Kit for Children with Challenging Behaviors In a Pediatric Hospital
Jennifer Drake, Norah Johnson, Alice V. Stoneck, Deb M. Martinez, and Megan Massey

Changes in Infant Disposable Diaper Weights at Selected Intervals Post-Wetting
Joan Carlisle, Amanda Moore, Alyssa Cooper, Terri Henderson, Debbie Mayfield, Randa Taylor, Jennifer Thomas, Laduska Van Fleet, David Askanazi, Naomi Fineberg, and Yanhui Sun


Pediatric Nursing 29th Annual Conference -
Call for Abstracts

From the Editor
The Messages Project: Maintaining the Child/Parent Bond During Parental Incarceration

Answer/Evaluation Form: 1.4 Contact Hours
Pediatric Palliative Care: Beyond the End of Life

Demystifying Research
Evaluating an Intervention Tool

News from the Children's Hospital Association
Remembering Katie Beckett

Primary Care Approaches
Utilization of Internet Resources for Adolescents Coping With Chronic Conditions

Family Matters
Strategies for Encouraging Patient/Family Member Partnerships with the Health Care Team