Current Content
Volume 38 - Number 6
November - December 2012

A Framework for Exploring Adolescent Wellness
Shelley Spurr, Jill Bally, Marcella Ogenchuk, Keith Walker

This article presents and explains a “Framework for Exploring Adolescent Wellness” and outlines a research approach used to explore adolescent wellness specific to the discipline of nursing. The “Framework for Exploring Adolescent Wellness” assessed the concept of wellness through the perceptions of youth and sought to explain the relationship between adolescent well-being and development. A wellness survey was used to collect data from 280 youth, 16 to 20 years old, in two Western Canadian high schools. Their perceptions of wellness meant more to them than regular physical activity and healthy eating. The majority of youth suggested that psychological (89%), social (85%), and physical (80%) development made the most significant contribution to adolescent wellness. Slightly more than half the youth felt that spirituality (53%) contributed to their sense of wellness. These research findings indicate the need for an approach to adolescent nursing care that includes a high priority and greater visibility to the practice and philosophy of wellness.