Current Content
Volume 38 - Number 6
November - December 2012

The Psychosocial Impact of Life-Threatening Childhood Food Allergies
S. Brantlee Broome-Stone

The purpose of this integrated literature review was to bring understanding to medical professionals of the psychosocial impact of parenting a child with lifethreatening food allergies. Prevalence of life-threatening food allergy among children is increasing, and families continue to navigate the effects it can have on all members of a family. A comprehensive literature review was performed related to chronic childhood illnesses and life-threatening food allergies. Commonalities among the conditions exist related to stress, coping, and adaptive responses when parental perceptions and experiences are considered. This information may provide a conceptual context for the adaptation process involved with parenting a young child with life-threatening food allergies, revealing areas where nursing can serve to intervene and support this process.