Current Content
Volume 38 - Number 3
July - August 2012


Losing the Louse: How to Manage this Common Infestation in Children

Vicky R. Bowden

Inpatient Asthma Education Program

Kendall McCarty and Jayne Rogers

The Norwegian Version of the Pediatric Nurses' Knowledge And Attitudes Survey Regarding Pain: Reliability and Validity
Kari Raaum Hovde, Tone Hilo Granheim, Knut-Andreas Christophersen, and Alfhild Dihle

Addressing the Effects of Missing School for Children with Medical Needs
Susan Eaton

Phase I: The Development and Content Analysis of the Pediatric Sedation Agitation Scale
Catherine M. Lyden, Debra Kramlich, Rachel Groves, and Sandra P. Bagwell


From the Editor
2012: Revisiting the Issue of Corporal Punishment In Our Nation's Schools

News from the Children's Hospital Association
A National Survey of PICU Nurse Practitioners Opportunities to Standardize Practices and Optimize Service Delivery

Answer/Evaluation Form: 1.3 Contact Hours
Losing the Louse: How to Manage this Common Infestation In Children

Answer/Evaluation Form: 1.3 Contact Hours
Inpatient Asthma Education Program

Demystifying Research
Can We Change Some of the Questions? Modifying a Tool

Primary Care Approaches
Booster Seat Usage for Children 4 to 8 Years of Age

Critical Thinking Case Studies
Rash and Fever in a School-Aged Child