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Volume 39 - Number 1
January - February 2013


The School Wellness Nurse: A Model For Bridging Gaps in School Wellness Programs

Glenda Avery, Teresa Johnson, Misty Cousins, and Bernita Hamilton

Adolescents and Headaches: Maintaining Control

Ashley W. Helvig and Ptlene Minick

A Nursing Brief: Emerging Best Practice in Department of Children And Families Nursing
Anne Kiwanuka, Valerie Boyar, and Monica Jensen


The Aftermath of December 14, 2012

Answer/Evaluation Form: 1.3 Contact Hours
The School Wellness Nurse: A Model for Bridging Gaps In School Wellness Programs

Answer/Evaluation Form: 1.2 Contact Hours
Adolescents and Headaches: Maintaining Control

Demystifying Research
Interpretive Phenomenology

Critical Thinking Case Studies
What's That Smell? A 10-Year-Old Female With a Strong Odor

News from the Children's Hospital Association
Preventing Central Line Infections in Outpatients

Primary Care Approaches
Expanded Back to Sleep Guidelines

Family Matters
Cline and Greene's Parenting Children with Health Issues: Essential Guidance

Reading Between the Lines: A Book Review
A Relevant Intervention Model for Parents of Vulnerable Newborn Infants