Current Content
Volume 39 - Number 4
July-August 2013


Relationship Between Knowledge, Attitudes, and Self-Efficacy Of Nurses in the Management of Pediatric Pain

Mercedes Stanley and Deborah Pollard

Children 'Draw-and-Tell' Their Knowledge of Genetics

Martha Driessnack and Agatha M. Gallo

Adolescents' Perspectives of Parental Practices Influence Diabetic Adherence and Quality of Life
Susan M. Mlynarczyk

Presence of Type 2 Diabetes Risk Factors in Children
Leslie K. Scott


Food for Thought

Primary Care Approaches
Health Risks Associated with Late-Preterm Infants: Implications for Newborn Primary Care

Demystifying Research
Not Your Grandma's Research Study

Family Matters
Making Meaning When a Child Has Mental Illness: Four Mothers Share Their Experiences

Reading Between the Lines: A Book Review
An Essential Clinical Resource for the Diagnosis And Management of Pediatric Skin Conditions