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Volume 39 - Number 5
September - October 2013


What Is 'Normal?' Evaluating Vital Signs

Debra Van Kuiken and Myra Martz Huth

Children's Perceptions of Injuries: A Qualitative Study in Sweden
Richard Allan Dale, Marie Hasselberg, Annika Jakobsson, and Gunnel Hensing

The Lived Experiences of Parenting A Child with Autism in a Rural Area: Making the Invisible, Visible
Lindsey Hoogsteen and Roberta L. Woodgate

Satisfaction of Nurses with the Withdrawal Assessment Tool-1 (WAT-1)
Elizabeth C. Suddaby and Kimberly Josephson

Understanding the Clinical Handoff Perspective of Pediatric Emergency Nurses
John S. Murray, Jody McGrath, and Mary Fallon Smith


From the Editor
What's New?

Guest Editorial
The Legacy of Archie Cochrane: What's in It For Pediatric Nurses?

Demystifying Research
Building Quality Improvement Evidence

Primary Care Approaches
Pulse Oximetry Screening for Critical Congenital Heart Disease in the Newborn

Critical Thinking Case Studies
Watery Discharge from the Neck... Now That Is Strange!

Reading Between the Lines: A Book Review
A Quick and Easy Guide to Asthma Information For Health Care Professionals and Students

NEW — The Children's Corner: Perspectives On Supportive Care
Speaking Up for Children Undergoing Procedures: The ONE VOICE Approach