Current Content
Volume 40 - Number 3
May - June 2014


Transition of Pediatric Patients to Adult Care: An Analysis of Provider Perceptions across Discipline and Role

Joanne O’Sullivan-Oliveira, Susan M. Fernandes, Lawrence F. Borges, and Laurie N. Fishman

Newborn Morbidities and Health Changes: The First Eight Weeks

Jean Hannan

Inpatient Falls in Freestanding Children’s Hospitals

Patricia A. Jamerson, Elaine Graf, Patricia R. Messmer, Heidi W. Fields, Sharon Barton, Anne Berger, Nancy M. Daraiseh, Michele Fix, Myra Huth, Linda Latta, Andrea B. Smith, and Michelle Lunbeck

Clinical Relevance of the Humpty Dumpty Falls Scale in a Pediatric Specialty Hospital

Barbara J. Pauley, L. Susan Houston, Dunlei Cheng, and Darla M. Johnston


Pediatric Nursing Guidelines for Authors
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Guest Editorial
What Your Nurse Needs to Know about Genetics

Demystifying Research
'Everyone Knows' vs. Finding the Data

Family Matters
Validation: A Family-Centered Communication Skill

Items of Interest
Promoting Positive Pediatric Experiences for Nursing Students at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

Primary Care Approaches
Mitochondrial Disease in Children and Adolescents