Current Content
Volume 40 - Number 3
May - June 2014

Transition of Pediatric Patients to Adult Care: An Analysis of Provider Perceptions across Discipline and Role
Joanne O’Sullivan-Oliveira, Susan M. Fernandes, Lawrence F. Borges, and Laurie N. Fishman

The importance of successfully transitioning pediatric patients to adult care is increasingly recognized as more children with chronic diseases are living to adulthood. The aim of this study was to investigate the current state of provider perceptions across disciplines regarding transition of pediatric patients to adult care. Focus groups made up of providers of various roles and experience levels were conducted. A total of six major themes were identified. We conclude that pediatric providers share common concerns about transitioning pediatric patients to adult care. We reinforce many of the issues raised in the literature and also discuss a sense of professional ego that was identified as a barrier to successful transition, which is not widely reported in other studies.