Current Content
Volume 40 - Number 6
November/December 2014


Knowledge and Recognition of SIRS and Sepsis among Pediatric Nurses

Alvin D. Jeffery, Karen Steffen Mutsch, and Lisa Knapp

Examining Nutrition among a Sample of 3- to 5-Year-Old Children Living In Rural Jamaica
Allison Cory, Kathryn Boyle, Natalie McClain, and Melissa A. Sutherland

Evidence of Improved Quality of Life with Pediatric Palliative Care
Lucy P. O'Quinn and Barbara K. Giambra

Teen Advisory Committee: Lessons Learned by Adolescents, Facilitators, And Hospital Staff
Christine Rich, Adrianne Goncalves, Miranda Guardiani, Ellen O'Donnell, and Jessica Strzelecki

The Lived Experience of Pediatric Burn Nurses Following Patient Death
Marni B. Kellogg, Marianne Barker, and Nancy McCune

An Educational Intervention to Improve Pain Assessment in Preverbal Children
Aimee Vael and Kelli Whitted


A Brother's Perspective

Family Matters
Patient- and Family-Centered Transitions from Pediatric To Adult Care