Current Content
Volume 41 - Number 2
March/April 2015


Indoor Tanning Legislation: Shaping Policy and Nursing Practice
Donna W. Driscoll and Jennifer Darcy

The Role and Impact of Animals with Pediatric Patients

Anna Tielsch Goddard and Mary Jo Gilmer

Evolution of Growth Hormone Devices: Matching Devices with Patients
Dawn Raimer-Hall and Heidi Chamberlain Shea

Adolescent Psychological Birth Trauma Following Cesarean Birth
Cheryl Anderson and Christine Perez


You Bet: Thereís an App for That!

Demystifying Research
Building Theory

Family Matters
Transitions from Pediatric to Adult Care: Programs and Resources

Primary Care Approaches
Autoimmune Conditions Associated with Type 1 Diabetes

Reading Between the Lines: A Book Review
Hotelling and Gordonís How to Become Mother-Friendly: Policies and Procedures for Hospitals, Birth Centers, And Home Birth Services

On Leadership
The Pursuit of Happiness, Science, and Effective Staffing: The Leaderís Challenge