Current Content
Volume 42 - Number 6
November/December 2016


Evidence-Based Recommendations for Reducing Pediatric Distress During Vaccination

Kristen E. Stevens and Donna J. Marvicsin

Understanding and Supporting Grieving Adolescents and Young Adults
Michelle Palmer, Micah Saviet, and Jeremy Tourish

Evaluation of an Educational Program to Improve School Nursing Staff Perceptions of Bullying in Pinellas County, Florida
Patricia A. Salmeron and Becky J. Christian

Pediatric Diabetes Telemedicine Program Improves Access to Care for Rural Families: Role of APRNs
Nancy Marie Smith and Rosemarie DiMauro Satyshur


Guest Editorial
Balancing Life after Concussion: An Update

Demystifying Research
Evaluation: What Is All the Fuss About?

Leadership Series: 'How To' for Mentoring
Mentoring Practice and Mentoring Benefit 5: Providing Protection and Security – An Overview and Application To Practice Using Mentoring Activities

Family Matters
Innovative Programs Highlighting Patient and Family Engagement

The Children’s Corner: Perspectives on Supportive Care
Everyday Ethics for Every Child

How Heroes Saved My Life