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Volume 42 - Number 6
November/December 2016

Evaluation of an Educational Program to Improve School Nursing Staff Perceptions of Bullying In Pinellas County, Florida
Patricia A. Salmeron and Becky J. Christian

The purpose of this project was to determine if a bullying educational program for school nurses and certified nursing assistants/health technicians (CNAs/HTs) would increase knowledge of bullying, probability of reporting a bully, and probability of assisting a bullied victim. This educational program and evaluation employed a retrospective, post-then-pre-test design. Instruments used included a 17-item demographic questionnaire and the 12-item Reduced Aggression/ Victimization Scale Bullying Assessment Tool (BAT), a 5-point Likert Scale de - signed to assess school nursesí and CNAsí/HTsí understanding of bullying, the probability of reporting bullies, and the probability of assisting bullied victims before and after the educational presentation. Findings of this educational evaluation program indicated that the majority of school nurses and CNAs/HTs had an increased understanding of bullying, higher probability of reporting a bully, and assisting a bullied victim after the presentation.