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Volume 43 - Number 2
March/April 2017

Quality Improvement
Transitioning Patients from the Intensive Care Unit to the General Pediatric Unit: A Piece of the Puzzle in Family-Centered Care
Lisa Manente, Terri McCluskey, and Rachel Shaw

Transitioning patients from one unit to another is a nursing function that occurs daily. When done effectively, it streamlines continuity of care, decreases anxiety, ensures patients and families maintain confidence in care providers, and avoids readmissions to the intensive care unit (ICU). This article describes a transition plan for transferring patients from the ICU to the general pediatric unit developed by an inpatient, non-critical care cardiology/neuro logical unit to facilitate a smooth and informational transition from the ICU to the non-critical unit. Subse quently, this program incorporated the development of educational materials and a program that provides patients and families with clear information on what to expect, the differences between the two units, and the services available by their healthcare team on the unit to which they are transferred. By establishing a process and a liaison to guide and educate patients and families on what to expect during transition, fears and anxieties are decreased or eliminated, while the promotion of healing and successful outcomes for discharge home becomes the focus.