Current Content
Volume 43 - Number 6
NOvember/December 2017

Mothers’ Parenting Responsibility after Divorce
Leesa A. McBroom and Lawrence Ganong

Separate households, court-ordered visitation, and conflicts with ex-spouses are challenges divorced parents face. Published research continues to mainly focus on two-parent households rather than addressing concerns of divorced families. This grounded theory study aimed to explain the processes of co-parenting in the context of divorce and diabetes mellitus type 1 through the experience of mothers. Open-ended interviews were conducted with 12 divorced mothers recruited from a major Midwest pediatric endocrinology clinic. Participant mothers perceived themselves as solely responsible for the co-parenting relationship, including cooperating with their ex-spouse, keeping the child’s father informed, and facilitating the relationship between the child and the child’s father. Additional study of divorced fathers and children with diabetes mellitus type 1 may aid in a more complete view of divorced family processes. Understanding unique divorced family issues may guide nurses in the care of divorced parents and their children. Recognizing diverse family structures may guide family-centered nursing interventions.