Current Content
Volume 43 - Number 5
September/October 2017


Strategies for Managing Alarm Fatigue in the PICU Setting

Kayla L. Jubic

Strategies to Guide Medication Adherence Discussions with Parents of Children with Asthma
Kelly G. Ezzell

Nonadherence to Hypertension Medications in African-American Adolescents
Samira Moughrabi and Jared Lopez

Outcomes of a Quality Improvement Project: An Implementation of Inpatient Infant Safe Sleep Practices
Roger D. Rholdon

Pediatric Food Allergies: Pitfalls in Current Food Labeling Regulations
Taylor Paige Demkin


From the Editor
The Depth of Racism in the U.S.: What It Means for Children

Demystifying Research
Participation in an Educational Program

Critical Thinking Case Studies
The Case of a Hairy 17-Year-Old Female

Family Matters
Parenting Dependent Young Adults with ADHD

Reading Between the Lines: A Book Review
Book Review: ‘Pediatric Arrhythmias and EKGs for the Health Care Provider’

Items of Interest
Lost in Translation: Current Clinical Issues with Medical Interpretation in Pediatric Nursing

The Children’s Corner: Perspectives on Supportive Care
Trauma-Informed Care: An Intentional Approach

Critical Thinking Case Studies
A ‘Twisted’ Situation: Scrotal Pain in a 12-Year-Old Male