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Volume 44 - Number 4
July/August 2018


Evidence-Based Asthma Control Assessments in Pediatric Care

Melodye Harvey, Noreen Lennen, and Kelli Whitted

Enhancing Parent Participation with Hospitalized Children Using The Gentle Hair Brushing Routine
Dana E. Crawford, Marva L. Lewis, Miranda Bartholomew, and Stephanie Joseph

Receipt of Antenatal Steroids and Respiratory Support Among Premature Infants Exposed to Prenatal Smoking and Substance Use
Yukiko Washio, Neal D. Goldstein, Amy Mackley, Robert Locke, and David A. Paul

Quality of Life in School-Age Children with Obesity
Shannon Baker Powell, Martha Keehner Engelke, and Melvin S. Swanson

Gardening: A Path to Development and Health
Patricia Ryan-Krause

Social Media and Adolescent Health
Maggie R. Guinta and Rita M. John

Pediatric Obesity in Primary Practice: A Review of the Literature
Jessica Durbin, Mitzi Baguioro, and Donita Jones


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Evidence-Based Asthma Control Assessments in Pediatric Care

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