Current Content
Volume 46 - Number 3
May/June 2020


Pediatric Accidental Trauma: Screening and Reducing Psychological Impact

Autumn J. Lantz

Pediatric Home Milrinone Use While Awaiting Heart Transplant

Jessica DeCastro

What Is Involved in Pediatric Heart and Liver Organ Allocation?

Adelaide Garcia

Intestinal Microbiota and Child Health: A Review of the Literature
Mikoto Nakamichi and Dina Madi

The Communication of Palliative Care Adoption in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Miriam Neis, Cristianne Maria Famer Rocha, and Paulo Roberto Antonacci Carvalho

Perceptions of Diabetes Education Among East African Immigrant Parents
Kristi Klee, Karen Thomas, Deann Atkins, and Kathryn Ness


Guest Editorial
Severe Inflammatory Syndrome in Children Testing Positive for Current or Recent COVID-19 Infection

Demystifying Research
Participation and Recruitment

Family Matters
Resources and Support to Maintain the ‘Essence’ of Patient- and Family-Centered Care during COVID-19