Current Content
Volume 46 - Number 5
September/October 2020


Health Implications for Recently Detained Unaccompanied Immigrant Children: The Role of Pediatric Nurses

Nina-Rizza Pancho Panaligan

Pediatric Surgery Nurses Lead and Coordinate COVID-19 Recovery Efforts

Shelly J. Johnson and Alice E. Dupler

A Case Report of Failure to Thrive in an Exclusively Breastfed 6-Month-Old Infant

Pamela H. Bryant, Cathy Roche, Laura Debiasi, Steadman McPeters, and Patricia M. Speck

Nursing Care of Children with Chylothorax after Cardiac Surgery
Caitlin Yip

Neonatal Sepsis: What's the Best Test?
Sydney Fitzpatrick and Sabrina Opiola-McCauley

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Neonatal Intensive Care Resuscitation with Debriefing Initiatives
Avril M. Laurendine, Cheryl V. McCarthy, Lynette Farmer, and Margaret A. Gettis


Guest Editorial
From Front Lines to Voting Lines: Nurses Need To Vote in 2020

Demystifying Research
Improving Clinical Performance with Simulation

COVID-19: What's New?
Face Masks

Family Matters
Family Presence in the NICU: Constraints and Opportunities in the COVID-19 Era