Current Content
Volume 47 - Number 1
January/February 2021


Best Practices with Use of Feeding Tubes for Children at Home

Regena Spratling, Rebecca Chambers, Patricia Lawrence, and Melissa Spezia Faulkner

At-Home Cardiorespiratory Monitors for Newborns: Helping or Hurting Parents' Peace of Mind

Alyssa Stiefel

Pediatric Nurses' Perceptions of Patient Satisfaction

Mia K. Waldron

Assessing Parental Perceptions on Childhood Obesity: An Educational Intervention

Felicia Renales, Kelli Whitted, and Noreen Len

I-PASS as a Nursing Communication Tool
Debra Miller

The Modified Pediatric Early Warning Score Innovation Project (mPEWS-InPro) Mobile-Based Application Development: Another Way of Monitoring a Child's Clinical Deterioration
Lia Kartika, Dessie Wanda, and Nani Nurhaeniz


Guest Editorial
Predictable Consequences How Do We Avert a Pediatric Nurse Shortage?

Demystifying Research
Nursing Informatics Research

COVID-19: What's New?
COVID-19 vs. Influenza in Children

Items of Interest
Understanding Child Development in the Assessment Of Stress in Children Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic