Current Content
Volume 47 - Number 4
July/August 2021


Developing Nursing Knowledge on COVID-19 in Children and Adolescents: An Integrative Review

Janet Green, Julia Petty, Lynette Staff, Patricia Bromley, Fiona Orr, Nicola Brown, Larissa Smart, Karen Walker, and Linda Jones

Health Care Improvement Depression Screening in the Pediatric Emergency Department and Linking Patients to Early Diagnosis and Early Intervention

Michelle Arrojo and Mary Hooshmand

Effectiveness of Community-Based Social Media Groups for Caregivers of School-Aged Augmentative and Alternative Communication Users

Lisa Barrett

GRAF-PIF Fall Risk Assessment Tool: Predictive Accuracy in a Children's Hospital
Denise Sackinger, Kristen Carlin, and Brenda Zierler


From the Editor
A Year Like No Other: In Their Own Words

Demystifying Research
Using the Media

Family Matters
New Book Provides Children with Clear Answers About Coronavirus

Perspectives in Pediatric Ambulatory Care
Gun Violence: A Chronic Disease Affecting American Youth

Primary Care Approaches
Diagnosis of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder In Children and Adolescents: A Helpful Guide