Current Content
Volume 48 - Number 6
November/December 2022


Preventing La Crosse Encephalitis: An Underrecognized Threat for the Pediatric Population

Bevin McGahey, Lydia Elliott, and Brian D. Byrd

Yoga: The Symptomatic, Behavioral, and Emotional Impact on Children with a Life-Long Illness
Meghan N. Long

Pediatric Provider Practices in Engaging Young Fathers at Pediatric Visits

Alicia Boykin, Elizabeth Miller, Craig F. Garfield, and Kelley A. Jones

Expanding upon Best Practice Approaches to Caring for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Who Engage in Challenging Behavior in Hospital Settings Using Behavior Analytic Principles: A Scoping Review

Nathan A. Call, Alec M. Bernstein, Summer Bottini, Megha Kalia, Amy E. Pattishall, and Colin S. Muething

How to Prepare Mental Health Resources for Future Pandemics: A Mixed Method Study in a Pediatric Oncology Ward During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Kenichiro Kobayashi, Michiko Inoue, Mariko Shibata, Koichi Ochi, Toshiro Maihara, Ikuya Usami, Koichi Mino, and Toshio Heike


Guest Editorial
One Heart Defect, Many Lives

Primary Care Approaches
Pediatric Vision Development and Screening

How to Write an Abstract for Poster or Podium Submission