Current Content
Volume 48 - Number 5
September/October 2022


Nursing Care of Refugee Children: A Historical Perspective

Michelle C. Hehman

Neurodevelopmental Outcomes Associated with Prematurity from Infancy Through Early School Age: A Literature Review
Shannon McGowan

Adolescent Suicide: Are There Warning Signs?

Jennifer Bradley and Kimberly P. Toole

Teachers' Perceptions of School Nurses' Roles

Ganga Mahat, Diane Gillooly, and Patricia Paradiso

The Stress Experience of Fathers of Children with Chronic Illnesses: Qualitative Descriptive Research

Masahiro Haraguchi and Tomoko Takeuchi


Guest Editorial
COP27 Climate Change Conference: Urgent Action Needed for Africa and the World

Quality Improvement
Implementing an Evidence-Based Tool to Improve Nursing Self-Efficacy of Concussion Assessments: A Quality Improvement Project

Family Matters
Orphanhood and Caregiver Loss Among Children Based on New Global Excess COVID-19 Death Estimates